The Brand

G as gold, G as Genuine Italian Masterpiece that merge Italian craftsmanship tradition and best seller technology devices, G as Gotha of luxury device entirely customized in Italy with limitless passion, G as Gatti Luxury Lab Italy.



Gatti Luxury Lab more than a production house
Gatti Luxury Lab is a trendsetting Italian production house from the Marche region in Italy, where leading Italian fashion brands are made. Gatti’s rich heritage in creating unique custom-made jewlery, watches and fashion accessoriories has evolved towards transforming mobile phones into luxury masterpieces, using Haute Couture fabric, Solid Gold, Exotic Leather, & Precious stones – making the mobile phone into a very unique luxury fashion statement. Gatti handcrafted luxury phones & accessories complement global fashion runway trends and yet remains a very personal luxury accessory. Each piece is unique and handcrafted in Italy using state-of-the-art methods and limitless passion that elevates the identity of the mobile phone. As our creations are entirely Made in Italy at the Gatti Luxury Lab, our capabilties in luxury customisation reflects our expertise in the art of upscale jewelry making. Gatti has a novel presence in the global luxury market, where homemade tradition meets contemporary innovation.


Inspired by luxury and fashion goods from around the world - our aim was to design minimalistic and beautiful masterpieces, in combination with the main smartphone devices used. In a market dominated by mass production houses, Gatti separates itself by offering products that stand out for their design and the finest materials used. The modular design assures there is a handset for every taste, lifestyle and gender. 
Our core design is done by a mixture of the most seasoned artists from the mobile phone and traditional luxury goods industry. This approach assures Gatti to invent new structures, explore new materials and manufacture timeless designs that show an optimistic view on life. The result: a masterpiece in design. Each customized piece has its own soul and wants to convey an idea, an emotion. The eternal character of customized device is made, in fact, a bouquet of experiences, images and desires that are symbolically handed down over time through the art of the goldsmith. Gatti combines the materials like exotic skin, genuine leather, precious stones, precious metal, giving to the customer a device that is part of his /her ‘brand universe’


A novel presence in the market, where homemade tradition meets contemporary innovation.
The style and the spirit of the collection is given, thanks to the continuous and careful study of fashion trends and all that comes with it, including shapes, colours and materials.
This gives birth to a precious product, with special design,elegant, modern, that marries the customers’ taste and destre and at the same time remains very personal and unique.
A perfect combination for a market that becomes more challenging and competitive everyday, where we continue to give in every little piece special importance to the made n Italy, focusing on the use of high quality materials and handcraft production.
Our sole concern is to deliver the highest possible quality to our customers, using state-of-the-art methods. We focus on creativity and innovation, excellence of products, service guarantees, and business ethics.
From high-end jewellery to high-end customization, the drivers are the same and the result is in front of your eyes, a right mix between craftsmanship and fashion trends.


Every Gatti phone is hand-built and hand-finished to exceptional standards by the best technicians and goldsmiths. It's this approach that makes every Gatti phone unique. However, we love that some customers desire that little bit extra: special distinguishing features to make their device completely unique. This is why we offer a service designed to help our customers realise the particular vision they have for their Gatti phone customization. From detailing to the boldest statement, we can make it happen. A favourite leather colour can be matched or a specific engraving. Whether you desire a solid golden part or your initials inlayed into the handset, Gatti can make it happen.


Few break free from the pressures of conformity, convention must be challenged and existence redefined. Gatti luxury lab was created to challenge convention and redefine ideals. Our skilled tailors luxury bespoke handsets for individuals that refuse to submit to a life of monotonous uniformity and that will only accept perfection in communication. Gatti envisaged from the very beginning that each phone customization would be a timeless classic, reflecting Italian style, individuality and quality, rather than mass produced clichés. Boldness combined with old-world craftsmanship. Our device tailoring includes luxury bespoke exotic leather hides, 24k yellow gold precious metal, 19k rose gold precious metal, 9kt gold preciuous metal, platinum precious metal, diamond encrusting, ruby bencrusting, emerald encrusting & sapphire encrusting.

From Dreams to Reality

Gatti creates masterpieces out of your dreams and desires. Whatever the challenge may be we will exceed your expectations. From classic luxurious objects such as one off watch or jewelry to the most unusual request we fix no limit for our client’s creations. The world-renowned Italian creativity and competence enable us to offer the best customize luxury objects in the world. The world-renowned Italian artistry and competence combines with the finest material such as gold, diamonds, leather and wood, mother of pearl to create masterpieces with endless passion.